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We want to help get your family organized, just like we have helped other clients of JW. We love that we have clients coming to us with the need for a communication center for their family. A place to organize their bills, appointment reminders, and birthday party invitations instead of piling them on the kitchen counter each day. We understand that when you are a busy family a little disorganization and chaos can be par for the course – and we can help with that!

Everyone’s communication center needs differ a little bit. One family’s form of communication could be using electronic devices. If this option appeals to you, you may want to add in a charging countertop such as using the Corian countertop featured here.

One of our clients had JW strategically install a set of cabinets and small countertop as a central note and appointment card drop off destination.

Another client, had us install a simple option such as a magnetic note board where their family can hang notes, cards, and daily to-do lists.

Whatever option is most appealing to you, we can help you and your family stay on top of your daily tasks and to-do.

How does your family like to stay organized?