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Transform Your Home With Cambria Countertops

Cambria logo

Nothing completes a kitchen like a beautiful countertop. When you’re ready for the best countertops, Interiors by JW offers Cambria countertops in Madison, WI, and the surrounding areas. We bring your remodeling dreams to life with stunning new countertops for your kitchen or bathroom. For over 25 years, Interiors by JW has provided our customers with high-quality craftsmanship and innovative solutions. You can trust us to transform your home with our products and ideas. We’ll help you learn all you need to know about beautiful Cambria countertops.

Why Cambria Quartz?

Our designers love Cambria because the company is backed with passion, focused on customers, and committed to sustainability. Some of the best features of Cambria include:

  • Design Innovation Leaders –Cambria countertops are made with the freshest designs and an expansive style palette.
  • Natural – Cambria quartz is 93% natural quartz for superior durability.
  • Excellent Performance– Cambria natural stone surfaces are scratch resistant and never need sealing or polishing.
  • Healthy –Cambria is non-porous, so staining liquids and harmful bacteria are never absorbed.
  • Environmentally Friendly– From responsible mining to recycling all the water used during processing, Cambria is dedicated to preserving our environment in every way possible.
  • American Craftsmanship– Cambria is hand-crafted to ensure the highest quality down to the smallest details.
  • Family Owned –With a rich heritage in Minnesota, Cambria is the only family-owned, American-made company in the quartz surfaces industry.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty– Exceptional products enable Cambria to confidently guarantee your peace of mind for life.

How Does Cambria Compare to Other Types of Countertops?

Cambria is made from natural quartz. Quartz is one of the hardest minerals, making it superior in performance and durability. Cambria offers the look and feel of granite with greater strength. It’s non-absorbent and maintenance-free, unlike most other types of countertops. Quartz is as elegant as marble, with a harder exterior that is much less likely to stain. Quartz is as practical as concrete, but you never need to worry about cracking or letting it cure.

How Is Cambria Quartz Made?

Cambria Quartz is manufactured in Minnesota using Bretonstone Technology to ensure the finest quartz slabs. Cambria’s Proprietary Quartz quarry mines Pure White Quartz from the Earth that is taken to Cambria’s Manufacturing Facility. The control technicians sort the quartz into different shades of white and choose only the highest-quality pieces. The hand-selected pieces are ground down. The degrees of quartz pieces are aggregated together with pigment and binder. After the air is vacuumed out of the mixture, the slabs are pressed and baked. The process creates denser slabs than traditional granite ones and makes them non-porous.

Range of Cambria Products

Cambria is a perfect surface choice for everything from a kitchen countertop or accent piece to a tub surround or bathroom vanity. Our Cambria countertops transform your kitchen into a beautiful, functional place of style. You can choose from 1cm, 2cm, and 3cm thicknesses, and standard or customized edge profiles to create the appearance of a thicker slab.

Why Do Non-Porous Kitchen Countertops Matter?

The type of countertops you install in your kitchen is a critical decision. Non-porous kitchen countertops ensure that water, air, and fluids cannot penetrate your countertops. This is important because your countertops do not have pores, so they cannot absorb or store bacteria. Non-porous kitchen countertops like Cambria do not need to be resealed like granite to keep them clean.

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