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Interiors by JW History

JW Remodeling, Inc. was established in 1998, helping people create the space of their dreams. It delivered everything it promised, located on Commercial Avenue in Sun Prairie Wisconsin. In 2016, as the business grew, there was a need for a new space to provide people with more of what they love.

In 2017, JW’s business offerings expanded with a new design studio, Interiors by JW. As we moved to 537 West Main Street in Sun Prairie, we became an incredible resource for those looking to improve their homes. As times changed, trends developed, and home improvement needs increased, there was another change to continue the promise of elevated remodels for homeowners.

In 2024, JW welcomes the arrival of a new showroom at 603 West Main Street in Sun Prairie. This relocation of Interiors by JW will deliver a larger space with new displays and design elements to surpass expectations and inspire greatness in home improvement. With high-quality products and stunning displays, it will be the perfect place to gain inspiration and consult with our talented experts.

Your Partner in Home Remodeling and Interior Design