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Corian Countertop’s and Charging Stations

Being in the middle of the technological age comes with many advantages – we can stay in touch with our family and friends through our cell phones, we can access weather and news at our fingertips from our tablets, and we can listen to music from an mp3 player as we are out for a run. As it is, with our many gadgets, we also have a charging cord for every device. It can be overwhelming with the number of cords we have, trying to find a place to plug each of our devices in, and cord storage can be a whole other issue in and of itself.

As we all know, we have our electronics at our side 24/7, with our trusty electronic companion comes the need to always have it charged. Why not have an easy access charging point throughout our homes?

A great feature of one of our countertop manufacturers, Corian, is a charging surface on their countertops! No need to search for a cord, all you need to do is set your device on the counter at the access point and a hidden transmitter underneath the surface will charge your device until the battery is full!

Corian countertops are stain-resistant, durable, and come in a variety of colors!

cellphone, paper and watch on countertop