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As you have seen, in support of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we have turned our logo, website, uniforms, and social media teal. Not only do we want to support Sexual Assault Awareness Month and all those affected by these events, but we also would like to educate others on how they can get involved in Sexual Assault Awareness.

We understand that it is a tough subject to approach, it’s not an easy topic to discuss, and it’s hard to bring up the topic to educate others when the opportunity arises. We understand that it is often a subject shied away from, clucked at in pity, or even slightly joked about because it can be uneasy talking about such a tough subject.

If you are touched by our continuous support of Sexual Assault Awareness, we want to offer a few suggestions of how you can get involved to support Sexual Assault Awareness both in April and all year long as well:

  1. Wear teal in support of sexual assault awareness in April. Open a dialogue about the need for Sexual Assault Awareness and how you want to show those affected by this assault that you applaud their strength and recovery.
  2. Change your social media to reflect your support of Sexual Assault Awareness. This change is encouraged in April especially but can most definitely be a change that you keep all year long. To see suggestions of how you can change your social media to show support please visit,
  3. Educate yourself and become aware of sexual assault. Know the statistics, facts, and how you can help others who have been affected. Some of our favorite resources are:
  4. Wear denim on Denim Day which is April 26th.

Thank you for your support of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. If you feel moved by our support please free to check out our foundation Be Brave Wisconsin at

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