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JW is known for their bold logo with a scripted “JW” in a red and black color scheme and it’s part of our advertising on our vehicles, our uniforms, in publications, and in our online presence. Our hope is that you associate JW with black and red whenever you see those colors together. That’s part of the branding process and our hope of making a lasting impression with you.

Just as our colors of black and red make a statement, we are making a statement with the color teal for the month of April. Teal is the color that represents Sexual Assault Awareness in the month of April. In support, we are turning our logo, website, uniforms, and social media to teal.

Unfortunately, sexual assault has affected our family and we are choosing to show support for all those impacted by this by making these temporary but lasting impressions with Jennings and Woldt.

In our country today, 28% of 14 – 17-year-olds will be sexually assaulted, 75% of them will be assaulted by someone they know well. And children between the ages of 7 and 13 are the most vulnerable to these crimes. Every 107 seconds a sexual assault occurs.

We have banded together to form Be Brave Wisconsin Foundation, Inc., providing a voice to raise awareness of sexual assault and to help fund programs for victims and their families. We serve throughout the state of Wisconsin, and beyond.

By “going teal” for the month of April we are hoping that you will think of Sexual Assault Awareness and join us in support of all the victims.

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