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Trends come and go in our lifetime. Many of us have fond memories of our own parents redecorating, wallpapering, or maybe even remodeling their home over the years. One trend that is tried, true, and inexpensive – is painting. It’s so easy to walk into your local paint store (we highly recommend our locally owned Hallman Lindsay at 1717 N. Bristol Street in Sun Prairie) and starts dreaming of a new look for your home.

A new trend in the remodeling world is repainting your interior walls with greige- toned paints. Greige is a mixture of gray + beige. It could be either a cool-toned beige mixed with gray or warm-toned beige mixed with gray. Their unique name definitely matches their unique tone of color. These colors are such simple solutions for a beautiful change in your home or office space.

We consulted with Hallman Lindsay on what the perfect tone of greige is for your walls. Their response was so helpful and gave us a glimpse into the perfect tones!

If you are looking for a cooler tone of greige the perfect colors would be:

Hidden Cove – 0210


Dove White – 0018


Harrow Gate – 0230


Below are neutral tones of gray. This will help you see the different tones of cool greige above versus warm greige further below.

 Metal Flake – 0447


 Metro – 0530


 Nomadic Travels – 0524


If you would like more of a greige tone that lends itself to the warm tones, near brown, these are the colors to look for:

 Delicate Honey Sweet – 0189


 Young Colt – 0198


This color lends itself to the ability to be paired with multiple colors. We love the classic look of a warmer greige mixed with white, yet you are also able to pair greige with colors such as orange to bring out even warmer tones in a room.

The great thing about a simple change, such as painting your room, is that you are able to give your home a whole new look, with just a little change of color and a few accessories! The door to ‘Interiors by JW’ will soon be open! Come in and find the perfect accessories to pair with your newly painted room!

Below is a photo showing a great warm-toned greige on the bathroom wall.

Modern washbasin Modern washbasin