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The birds are chirping, the temps are warming up, and its staying light out longer and longer. Spring is in the air! When we think of transitioning from winter to spring or even more so spring to summer we think of new additions, bright colors, and starting out with something new.

Spring is a perfect time to make a new change to your home, something that you will be able to enjoy for years to come. One change that we see happen often in the springtime is a new deck, patio, or porch.

These are often confused and merged as being the same thing, yet they are all very different.

A deck is often a single level surface or a multi-level made of wood planks. Decks may feature railings, benches, or stairs leading to the yard, pool, or door to the house.

With a patio, it is usually designed as an area of stamped concrete located on the side or back of the house. People often place an outdoor furniture set or patio table and chairs here, in order to relax or enjoy with family and friends.

Porches are constructed directly off of the house, either in the front or the back. They are often covered and may or may not have enclosed walls. Often people have comfortable outdoor furniture on the porch so they can sit and read, admire the sunshine, or even sit and listen to the rain.

The great thing about three of these is that they provide an outdoor living space that you can share with family and friends and decorate with fun colors and patterns as well.

beautiful Porches