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Helping the Homeless

As the holidays approach (yikes, Thanksgiving is next week!) there are things that tend to be on our minds: traveling, shopping, eating, drinking, socializing, etc. While these are normal activities to most at this time of the year, some don’t have the same good fortune. During the winter months, it’s uncomfortable to think about the less fortunate while we enjoy a great holiday with our loved ones. Nonetheless, the growing homeless population in Sun Prairie is something that we need to think about. This situation is demanding our attention, becoming such a problem that more space is needed to be able to help more people. Shelter from the Storm will be opening a new shelter after the first of the year but in the meantime, we are doing what we can to help these families.

Jennings and Woldt are working with Sunshine Place to collect items to make Homeless Boxes for those that need food and everyday items. Joining Forces for Families and the Early Childhood Education program will be handing out the boxes we donate when they find a family or individual that is homeless. Over 40 of these boxes have been given out this year, sustaining a family for 3-4 days. We are so proud to be able to give back to the community in this way and to get others involved. It is also a great opportunity to spread the word about this growing problem that is developing where we live.

To Make Our Homeless Boxes We Are Taking Donations Of:

Granola bars, raisins, cereal, cans of soup and tamales (with pull tops lids – can openers may not be accessible), crackers, peanut butter, nuts, toiletry items, wet wipes, water bottles, juice boxes, microwavable meals, meat sticks, toilet paper rolls, feminine supplies, etc. Also, things that would be appreciated for children like coloring books, crayons, playing cards, books, etc.

As a little incentive (other than being an awesome and generous person) we will be holding a drawing for a $50 Buck & Honey’s gift card. Each item dropped off is good for one entry, through December 18. To make things even better, we will be matching the donations that get dropped off! After our collection cycle, we will be putting the boxes together and delivering them to Sunshine Place. We are asking you to please take the little time and money to help the community out in a big way.

There are many other ways to give back as well. Please visit for more information on donations and volunteer opportunities.