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Every woman at JW can vouch for the fact that they love to cook and bake, they love their kitchen tools, and they love their space. Most of us wish we had infinite amounts of space in order to accommodate all of our fun little gadgets. That’s why when we work with our clients on redesigning their kitchen spaces, we understand the need for extra storage in any nook or cranny that can be found.

It’s not necessarily even about having too many kitchen gadgets and needing to find space for everything we own, it’s more about utilizing our space to its maximum capacity to accommodate our kitchen gadgets. We often hear from our clients how they feel stuck in a rut trying to fit everything into storage when it’s not in use, and maximizing their cabinets but not feeling like they have enough space in their cabinets.
We have just the solution!

We have worked in these situations many times, and have found unique solutions that can be customized to every client’s unique taste. One of our favorite staples, for the bakers, (both clients and JW employees) is the Rev a Shelf Mixer/Appliance Lift. It’s such a convenient fixture that can be pulled out of the cupboard, with the mixer still on it, and you don’t have to take up precious cupboard space and have more room to lay your cookies out on the cupboard to cool!

base mixer cabinet