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Bathroom Products from Interiors by JW

Is your bathroom all that you want it to be? At JW, we are skilled at taking cluttered, unorganized and outdated bathrooms and transforming them into beautiful, tranquil, usable spaces.

Understanding the importance of this particular room and how to bring functionality and organization to an otherwise chaotic space is something we thrive on. We consider every detail from the color, pattern and texture of the shower walls, to the innovative storage solutions that will keep any bathroom organized. Our designers will help you fashion a space that best reflects your style, while also creating a functional, inviting atmosphere. They will show you collections that present possibilities that weren’t there before—a bathroom that will serve as all you need it to be.

Our Designers Know Quality & Workmanship

Our design team knows our manufacturers. They know what quality, workmanship and durability are worth. We make sure our designers are well versed on all local codes and water conditions to insure the products they are recommending are the right ones for existing conditions. Known for quality and reliability, each of our vendors will stand behind their products, just as we have expected for nearly two decades. So there are no surprises when JW is remodeling your bathroom, just satisfied, happy customers.

Your Partner in Home Remodeling and Interior Design